Literacy Council of Frederick County 2016 Student Stats

Literacy Council of Frederick County 2016 Student Stats

The Literacy Council serves American-born adults who need help with literacy skills, as well as people from all over the world who want to learn English.

Nearly half of our students are in the part of their lives (ages 25-44) when they are working hard to establish both careers and families. A disproportionate number of our English as a Second Language students are women. Many women in developing countries don’t receive much education, and when they arrive in the U.S. they are hungry to learn.

I’m in awe of our many students who are working long hours (often at multiple jobs) and caring for their children – and who still make the time to meet with their tutors. They are motivated, dedicated, and inspiring people.

Last year,

  • 44% of our students were aged 25-44 (112 in all).
  • 73% were women (186 in all).
  • 26% were Asian and 53% were Hispanic.
  • 8% of our students were not able to speak or read any English when they began working with us.
  • 32% were able to read some English but could not speak it when they began.
  • Our students were from 47 different countries in addition to the U.S.