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Use the online form below to report tutoring, preparation, travel hours and student progress.
Due by the 5th day of each month!

To enter month and year, click in the box. On the calendar that appears, use the arrows at the top to find the correct month. Click on any date within the month to complete your entry.

Tutor (Includes one-on-one tutoring & classes)

Please enter either the student's first and last name or the name of the class you teach
Please enter the location where you regularly tutor your student. This helps the Literacy Council maintain a list of locations and assist other tutors in finding convenient places to meet.

Tutoring Hours (Includes one-on-one tutoring & classes)

Please report time in minutes. The system cannot accept fractional hours/decimals. A number does NOT need to be entered in the Hours fields in order to submit. Please use your hours x 60 and enter your time in the Minutes fields.

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Specific Goals Set This Month

Example: Student has read and discussed five chapters of driver's manual and is well on her way in achieving her goal of getting a driver's license.

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Please provide us with feedback and comments about how we can help support your tutoring (guidance on materials, feedback on your tutoring experience, details on student progress, anything else you wish to tell us, etc.)