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I am really happy to be part of the Literacy Council. I recommend this excellent school for everybody who wants to improve their English. I really love teachers in this school and the process of studying here is very interesting and I learned many new important things. Thank you for this beautiful possibility for me and my new friends, which I found at the Literacy Council.


Always very grateful to the Literacy Council, I started studying English with you and thanks to all the staff I have been able to make great progress in the U.S.


I’m in public relations and one of my goals is to learn English because that way I can have more skills to communicate with the community. Studying at the Literacy Council is fantastic because I know wonderful people and I really think that I improved my learning. Thank you to everyone at the Literacy Council. You have the best teachers and staff, who are patient, friendly and have a passion to help the community.


To make my dream come true, I need to learn English very well. Therefore, I’ve started to attend ESL lessons at the Literacy Council of Frederick County. Here I found very experienced teachers who are truly dedicated to teaching. In the class students learn to express our opinion on the subject, as well as speak and write competently. Our teachers are happy to share their knowledge. Their lessons are very informative and interesting. I am very glad that I found this educational center. I’d like to share my new good experiences with my friends about this program. With much respect I’d like to express my gratitude to our teachers for their work and patience!



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