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The Parent Literacy Program centers on the four domains of English communication—listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Our goal is to improve the English skills of parents so they can lead their families to success and higher education opportunities.

Leading Your Family with English Skills

Our Parent Literacy Program focuses on reaching and helping limited English language proficient parents of young children in the five Title I elementary schools served by the Frederick County Judy Center. Frederick County Public School (FCPS) Community Liaison staff, together with the Judy Center, work with us at Hillcrest, Lincoln, Waverley, Butterfly Ridge and Monocacy elementary schools.

We participate in events to connect with parents who need English language instruction, and match them with tutors or appropriate classes. A team of volunteer tutors provides weekly tutoring for parents. Other activities include Back to School and Family Literacy events. Holiday Book Drives provide donated new books to children whose parents are tutored through the Literacy Council. All of these activities, plus Parent Conversation Classes at Butterfly Ridge and Waverley elementary schools, occur at all five schools.

Our aim is to improve family literacy skills and family engagement toward positive early childhood development and school readiness, as well as creating a multi-system approach to improving literacy through strategic collaboration with community and public school resources. Participating parents will successfully enroll their children in school, access other programs and resources for their families, be able to navigate the child’s school system, improve their own literacy skills, and perhaps pursue further learning opportunities.

Many of the parents we serve are in need of English skills, both in reading and writing for native speakers as well as for English language learners. Therefore the need for new volunteer tutors is always essential. Contact us to learn more about joining our teams of school based tutors.

Benefits to the Parent

  • Obtain a Better Job—Improved English skills allow you to take advantage of employment opportunities with higher salaries and more benefits.
  • Bridge home and work experiences—Be able to talk to your family in English about your job.
  • Be your child’s first teacher—Help your child succeed in school and recognize the value of being bilingual.
  • Improve communication with schools and teachers—Be able to provide information and ask questions of your child’s education team at school.
  • Help your community navigate services—Assist your family and friends in finding needed services in your area.
  • Gain citizenship—Understanding the English language is an eligibility requirement to become a U.S. citizen.

Benefits to the Child

  • Observing that learning is life long—Your child will see that education continues throughout life.
  • Demonstrating the pleasure of reading and learning—When a child sees a parent reading, he or she understands the value of education.
  • Sharing school experiences—Families who participate in educational activities together will benefit from common knowledge.
  • Enjoying better academic performance in school—When education is a family’s top priority, children are able to achieve at higher levels.
  • Participating in the community together—Community involvement is shared by parent and child more fully.

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