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Teaching Materials Available at the Literacy Council

Tutors, please come in and browse our resource collection in person, or search online for materials. Following is a sampling of available resources. For instructions to access our literacy library online, go to Literacy Library Access.


Ventures – a standards-based ESL series for adult education featuring an integrated-skills approach to teach practical communication in an educational, workplace, family, or community setting.

Step Forward – an engaging series that integrates language instruction into real-life contexts.

Life Prints – teaches English in the context of life experiences.

Laubach Way to English – suitable for use with the lowest level ESL students, it teaches conversation skills, reading and writing, is phonics-based and correlates with Laubach Way to Reading.

English No Problem! – a theme-based problem-posing approach teaching English for home, school, work and community.

Laubach Way to Reading – a phonics-based, multi-sensory approach suitable for adults with very limited or no reading skills, or students who have had negative results with other methods.

Challenger – uses phonics, a controlled vocabulary and sequential skill development to take learners from beginning reading levels up to GED preparation. It includes fiction and nonfiction selections. It can also be used with some ESL students.

Voyager – a contemporary theme-based approach using phonics and word recognition strategies and writing process instruction building on students’ experiences. It can also be used with some ESL students.

Endeavor – this series begins at 3rd grade level and is an integrated reading and writing approach based on relevant life-skills themes.

Supplementary Books and Resources

News For You and – a weekly newspapers written at a lower literacy level. Copies are available for you to pick up at the Literacy Council office. News For You is also online – ask office staff for the login information.

  • Cars, driving, and getting a driver’s license
  • Citizenship
  • Comprehension
  • Fiction and nonfiction books, both simplified classics and contemporary. (For example, the Mid America Books are beautifully illustrated short books on specific topics including biographies, science, geography and cultures.)
  • Filling out forms
  • Grammar
  • Health
  • Idioms
  • Life skills
  • Maps and Geography
  • Math
  • Money management and banking
  • Phonics
  • Picture dictionaries and user friendly dictionaries written at a lower reading level
  • Reference Books for Tutors
  • Religious reading materials
  • Spelling
  • Workplace related books

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