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How different would your life look if you couldn’t read a prescription label, complete a tax form, or take your driver’s license test?

Every dollar given to the Literacy Council is a direct investment in the lives of others. And when literacy is made available to everyone, that investment provides an invaluable return of stronger communities, empowered workers, healthier families, and more resilient economies. Your financial gift today will transform tomorrow and beyond.

How Your Gift Matters

Here are just a few examples of how your donation can make an impact.


Supports the development of workplace literacy programs.


Keeps our offices open for one week, providing a place to tutor 50 learners.


Helps to train a cadre of 20 new volunteer tutors.


Pays for an online subscription for our students to a weekly newspaper for adult learners.


Keeps our office open and accessible to students and tutors for one day.


Provides the first level of books for one student and tutor.


Covers the cost of workbooks for one student for one curricular level.

Donate Today

Donate Online

Click HERE to donate online. We accept major credit cards including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover, as well as recurring donations. Your donation will be securely processed and a status page will be displayed. You will receive a confirmation email.

Donate By Mail

Print and complete this donation form and include it with your check made payable to the Literacy Council of Frederick County. Mail to: The Literacy Council of Frederick County, 110 E. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701.

Donate by Phone

Please call our office, (301) 600-2066.

Become a Sponsor

Our sponsors are essential partners in sustaining and growing literacy services throughout Frederick County. Your support ensures our adult learners are given a chance to create a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities. Take the first step towards sponsorship today.

Through your employer

We participate in employee giving programs through the Frederick County Government, Frederick City Government, and Frederick County Public Schools. Also, ask if your employer will match your donation, which is a great way to increase the value of your gift.

The Betty Seligmann Literacy Endowment Fund

Betty Seligmann’s impact on Frederick County through the Literacy Council was immense. She worked as a tutor, trainer, board president, and program coordinator. She recruited tutors and adult learners through tireless outreach. She used her knowledge of illiteracy’s history to find places to promote the Literacy Council’s services. In her memory, the Literacy Council Board of Directors established The Betty Seligmann Literacy Endowment Fund. This fund, available through the Community Foundation, provides an excellent way to empower adult learners through planned giving.

Corporate giving

We welcome the opportunity to partner with businesses to build a strong and vibrant workforce in our community through literacy. Find out more about our workplace literacy programs and sponsorship opportunities, and meet our current supporters.

Planned giving

Make a charitable contribution that leaves a legacy and puts your assets to work via tax-efficient charitable strategies. Find out more.

Retirement Plan Giving

If you are over 70½ years of age and are required to take withdrawals from an IRA, consider making a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) which may provide you with substantial tax benefits.  Charitable IRA distributions are not taxed and count towards your annual Required Minimum Distribution.  The QCD will reduce your taxable income which may decrease your tax bracket and allow for additional tax credits.  The QCD must be distributed by the IRA Custodian directly to the Literacy Council, so you will need to contact your IRA custodian to initiate the QCD.  Check should be made out to the Literacy Council of Frederick County, Inc and mailed to 110 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701.  These gifts are particularly wise for those who may no longer itemize deductions for tax purposes.

Donations of Appreciated Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities can provide tax advantages.  If you have owned the securities for more than one year, your gift may be tax deductible at the current value if you itemize deductions.  Even if you don’t itemize deductions, you may avoid capital gains tax on the sale of the property.

The Literacy Council accepts donations of stock (DTC#0015), in addition to shares of appreciated mutual funds.  Please contact our Executive Director, Laurie Fisher, at or call our office at (301) 600-2066 so that we can provide you with the specific information required by  your financial institution to initiate a stock transfer.  You will need to contact your financial advisor to make arrangements for your gift to be completed by December 31 in order to receive the tax benefits for the current year.

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For additional information about making a donation or if you have any questions, please contact Laurie Fisher, Executive Director, or call (301) 600-2066.

In the course of its regular fundraising activities, the Literacy Council will accept donations of money, real property, personal property, stock, and in-kind services in accordance with our Gift Acceptance Policies.

The Literacy Council of Frederick County, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, donations to which are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.