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“Literacy Lifts Lives” is more than a tagline.

It’s a testament to the transformational power of teaching English language skills in the Frederick community and beyond. The Literacy Council of Frederick County has provided a diversity of English language services for more than five decades. Those services are driven by the fundamental belief that literacy should be attainable for everyone, because literacy is more than reading and writing. It’s greater access to resources. It’s an opportunity for employment advancement. It’s leaving a legacy that values education. And it’s inviting our neighbors into a shared community.

Through committed volunteers, strategic community partnerships, and generous donors, we are able to provide adult learners with impactful, literacy services in one-on-one sessions, small group classes, and even at their places of employment. So, join us in our journey as advocates for a stronger Frederick community and learn more about the many ways you can partner with the Literacy Council of Frederick County.

What We Do

Our Mission

Our purpose, vision, and core values

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How we help adults to read and speak English

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Success Stories

How literacy impacts our students

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Reflections Magazine

An annual publication of writings by our adult learners

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Literacy Facts

The challenges of illiteracy

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Who We Are


The people who direct, manage, and coordinate

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Board of Directors

Elected directors

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Working with us in the community

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Serving Frederick County for over 50 years

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Answers to your questions

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