Learner Spotlight: Meet Fatemah

Learner Spotlight: Meet Fatemah

Welcome to our monthly Learner Spotlight!

We invite you to meet Fatemah, our featured student this month in our “Learner Spotlight”.  Featured adult learners  represent the Literacy Council’s literacy programs, including authors from Reflections: Voices of English Learners, the Literacy Council’s literary magazine, as well as adult learners in other programs. Fatemah contributed her story to the fifth edition.

I am Fatemah from Afghanistan. I want to be happy and joyful and do my responsibilities to make a better world.  I want to write stories and give hope to people. I am learning how I can write in English and everybody in the world can read that. Thank you, Literacy Council!

We hope you enjoy Fatemah’s written work, “War and Peace.” Read about Fatemah and view all of our students’ stories on our Reflections: Voices of English Learners web page!

“War and Peace”

Peace is the best choice every time you want to fight. It brings civilization and development. Children grow up. They go to school and learn new things. People go to vacation on a sandy beach and the only thing they can worry about is sunburn skin, or just to choose pizza or spaghetti for dinner. A lot of joy and happiness is
in the mother’s face and they only worry about their kids not messing up their clothes. Parents have great dreams for children and children worry about new toys and what they want. In peace time, the politicians talk about environment and make decisions on how to clean the ocean. But then war comes …

Read more of Fatemah’s writing, including her story “The Deck of My House” on pages 14-15 from our 5th edition of Reflections.