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Tutor Training Pre-Workshop Assignment & Resources

We are excited to welcome you to the next steps to becoming a Literacy Council tutor! You have already attended a Volunteer Information Session to learn more about our work.

Prior to attending the Tutor Training Workshop, please:

1. Watch these videos

2. Download this document

For any questions, please contact the LCFC office at (301) 600-2066, or info@frederickliteracy.org

3. Download these resources

These resources are for your future reference.  You may print the slides if you wish to take notes, but you do not need to print them or have them available during the workshop.  They may differ slightly from the workshop you attend.

Please download the Tutor Information Book (TIB) version for your county.  You will receive a printed copy of the TIB when you begin tutoring.

Tutor Information Book (TIB) – Frederick County

Tutor Information Book (TIB) – Washington County

Tutor Training Workshop Handouts

Websites with Interactive Online Activities and Teaching Ideas

Tutor Training Workshop Slide PDFs 2023

First Phone Call Sample Script

Volunteer Program Policies & Procedures for Literacy Council Volunteers

New volunteer tutors and class instructors will receive these policies and procedures as part of your onboarding process following participation in a Tutor Training Workshop or other training orientation.

Volunteer Program Policies & Procedures

Volunteer Tutor Class Instructor Agreement

Indemnification Release Agreement