Learner Spotlight: Congratulate Our Workplace Class Graduates

Learner Spotlight: Congratulate Our Workplace Class Graduates

Welcome to our monthly Learner Spotlight!

This month’s “Learner Spotlight” is dedicated to congratulating the employees who recently completed our spring session of Workplace English classes from our partner businesses.  We hope you enjoy these photos of some of the employees and classes receiving their certificates of completion.

Employees attend class weekly while at their job site and enthusiastically participate in learning new workplace vocabulary, job and life skills.  Classes are conducted over 12 week sessions throughout the year.  The Literacy Council is working with Plamondon Hospitality Partners to support the company’s hospitality associates from five hotels, and ProList Inc. to benefit their manufacturing and assembly employees. Classes start up again in September!

The Literacy Council has expanded its Workplace Literacy Program in collaboration with employers in Frederick County from the hospitality and tourism industry to provide English language classes for their employees. The purpose of the program is to empower limited English language proficient employees to find and keep sustainable employment, contributing to achieving greater financial stability and impacting the lives of their families.

The program will also help employers identify and retain an educated workforce and reduce turnover, thereby strengthening the entire economic fabric of the community. The instructional content focuses on English speaking and comprehension, with an emphasis on workplace vocabulary, workplace skills, interaction among staff, and overall basic conversation skills.

Our Workplace Literacy Program provides the training and basic skills necessary for employees to maintain their careers or achieve promotions, make current jobs easier, and their work more productive. The Literacy Council offers customized classes at the work site.  We look forward to expanding these programs into other local businesses and industries.

Would you like to partner with us in your place of business? Please let us know! We also have tutors who can help individual employees. Contact Kim Brown, Workplace Coordinator, (301) 600-2066 or kbrown@frederickliteracy.org.