Scrabble® Mania for Literacy!

Scrabble® Mania for Literacy!

Join us at Dutch’s Daughter on Saturday, March 10, 2-5pm, for an afternoon of team Scrabble®!

You don’t have to be an expert player to have lots of fun. You needn’t have ever played a game of Scrabble® before! Teams of four compete against other teams. (You can sign up as part of a team, as a smaller group, or by yourself – we’ll find a spot for you.) Everyone on your team helps find the best plays.

So, the conversation in a game tends to go like this:

Player A: “Hmm, I have a good word here: FREED. Does anyone see a better one?”
Player B: “Oh, look here! If you make just FREE, Ms. Next Player can use her S and hit the triple for 50 points.”
Everyone: “Hurray!”

Another wonderful feature of the game: You can buy a look at a dictionary, or buy letters . . .

You’re thinking, for example, “If only the next player on our team had a B! He could make READ into BREAD and create SQUAB for a million points.” That letter B can be purchased from our roaming vendors for $5 – and maybe your team will win first prize. You’ll get your picture in the paper and take home something nice.

There will be other pleasures during the course of the afternoon, such as Dutch’s Daughter’s delicious hors d’oeuvres and coffee, tea, or a glass of wine. (There will be a cash bar, too.) When you’re not playing, have a look at our pretty great silent auction items.

Please come! And tell your friends! Tickets are $220 for a team of four or $60 for individuals, but if you register by January 31, you’ll qualify for Early Bird prices: $190 or $50.

For more details about how to register (online or by mail) or how to become an event sponsor, go to
If you have more questions, please phone the Literacy Council office at (301) 600-2066.