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Services & Programs Offered by The LCFC


The LCFC offers confidential individual tutoring to Frederick County residents over the age of 18 who speak English but need to improve their reading, writing, and spelling skills. Most students begin at lower than a 5th grade reading level. The time and place of tutoring is flexible and at the convenience of the tutor and student. The one-to-one approach assures that tutoring will be at the learner's own pace and that any special learning problems or specific reading needs can be addressed. Tutoring is free. Students will be asked to pay for their books if they are able.

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The LCFC offers both individual and small group ESL instruction to adult Frederick County residents over the age of 18. Priority is given to those at the lowest levels of proficiency in English and to those whose schedules make it impossible for them to attend other ESL classes. The first priority is teaching spoken English, followed by reading and writing. Individual tutoring may take place anywhere in the county that is convenient for tutor and student. Most of the small groups meet at the LCFC office in downtown Frederick. Individual tutoring and group instruction is free. Students will be asked to pay for their books if they are able.

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Conversation classes provide a place for adult ESL learners to develop and practice idiomatic American English in a casual and supportive environment. People who are being tutored or are waiting for a tutor, or those who just want to improve their conversational English, may apply to join a class. All classes are free.

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