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The Literacy Council recommends the following resources to help tutors plan lessons and for students to use for practice

  • Canva – This is a website for teachers for creating infographics for their students.  It is free, but requires a sign in account.
  • Citizen Friend Videos – Over 40 videos for practicing citizenship test questions.
  • Dave’s ESL Cafe – Many resources for both tutors and students.
  • Duolingo – Free courses with no ads, a good supplement for lessons that students can use to practice on their own on a computer or phone. Bite-size lessons that feel like games teach reading, listening and speaking skills.
  • EL Civics for ESL Students –  Lesson plans, videos and worksheets on many topics including government, history, holidays and life skills.
  • Elemental English – This website has many resources such as grammar and pronunciation YouTube videos.
  • English Club – Teachers and students will both find interesting and educational lessons, games, and quizzes for listening and reading practice.
  • English Listening Lesson Library Online -This website offers video and audio lessons on modern topics dealing with today’s society including printed transcripts and comprehension questions.
  • English with Jennifer – This website offers grammar, pronunciation, U.S. culture and more (in YouTube videos) including tips and activities for teachers.
  • ESL About – Includes lesson plans, vocabulary and grammar.
  • ESL Fast– There are countless dialogues, essays and short stories here for students to practice listening, speaking and reading skills.
  • ESL Works– ESL Works brings profession-focused English education to the food industry.  The resource section gives teachers activities to use with students who work in food services.
  • ESL Yes – Short stories with exercises and audio for ESL learners.
  • Five9 – NEW – ESL resource guide for students – tips and tricks.
  • Interesting Things for ESL Students – This website includes quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, a random-sentence generator and other computer assisted language learning activities. The primary focus is ESL, but native English speakers may also find interesting things. Teachers may want to recommend this site to their students.
  • Jane Strauss Grammar videos – Use this link and then search for “Jane Strauss Grammar videos”. You will get a list of many short videos on various grammar subjects that you can use for good explanations of grammar rules and usages, or you can have your student watch on the computer with you.
  • Kahn Academy – Offers free math exercises from very beginning to advanced levels.
  • Learn English Feel Good – Online exercises, printable worksheets, listening exercises and other resources.
  • Literacy Works – This website’s resource section offers tutors additional online resources for teaching adults, parent & family education, career pathways, consumer and finance literacy as well as health and social justice education.
  • Mark’s English Academy – This YouTube channel has many pronunciation, vocabulary and other video resources.
  • Mid-America Books – Publishes books at a low reading level on many subjects. We have many, but we may be able to order books of interest to your student on request.
  • NewsELA – Select a topic and then a reading level for news articles written at the student’s level.
  • New Readers Press – New Readers Press is the publishing arm of ProLiteracy and publishes many books for beginning readers and ESL students. Our council library contains most of these. Browse the catalog to find materials for your student. If we do not already have what you want, we may be able to order them for you. This is also where you can get free downloadable components for the various book series. Also check out their Facebook page at You’ll see new products, special offers, useful links, and more.
  • ProLiteracy – Offers online courses, instructional videos, lesson plans & activities, and techniques & strategies for tutors. Offers practice for students.
  • Purdue University – Online Writing Lab with materials and resources for students and teachers covering ESL, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more.
  • Quizlet – Free, easy access to thousands of ready-made flashcards on a variety of subjects, including learning English, or create your own! It can also speak. You can access the cards on your electronic device, including Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nook and Kindle.
  • Rachel’s English – This website has over 400 YouTube videos teaching the sounds, rhythm, stress, and intonation of conversational American English. Includes written transcripts.
  • Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab – Short multilevel dialogues are available using adult and children’s voices on daily and topical subjects.  Transcripts are available as are quiz questions.  This website may require some navigation training; it is busy with ads.
  • SKESL– This website offers multi-leveled audio lessons in different formats and includes great graphics to illustrate English words and sentences.
  • TESOL International Organization – This is the website for the professional organization.  The resource portion offers lesson plans for teachers.
  • USA Learns – This website offers videos and listening activities, plus a section for students to learn about US citizenship.
  • Voice of America Learning English – This website teaches English through videos and listening activities.

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